Literature Guide

Floor Coverings

Standard Specifications

  • Vinyl Floor Covering (Per Plan)
  • 25 oz. FHA Approved Carpet with 8 lb. Rebound Pad (Per Plan)

Shaw® Shake It Up 25 oz. Carpet

Standard Item

  • Barely There

    Barely There


    Tonal Multi-Color

  • Beaver Creek

    Beaver Creek


    Solid Color

  • Beech



    Solid Color

  • Bits of Brown

    Bits of Brown


    Accent Multi-Color

  • Breeze



    Solid Color

  • Burnt Ash

    Burnt Ash


    Accent Multi-Color

  • Cement



    Solid Color

  • Creamy Silk

    Creamy Silk


    Accent Multi-Color

  • Croissant



    Tonal Multi-Color

  • Desert Sand

    Desert Sand


    Solid Color

  • Dolphin



    Tonal Multi-Color

  • English Oak

    English Oak


    Accent Multi-Color

  • Forever Pewter

    Forever Pewter


    Solid Color

  • Fox Fur

    Fox Fur


    Accent Multi-Color

  • Gold Mine

    Gold Mine


    Accent Multi-Color

  • Hammerhead



    Tonal Multi-Color

  • Magnolia Bloom

    Magnolia Bloom


    Tonal Multi-Color

  • Mountain Top

    Mountain Top


    Solid Color

  • Ornamental Gate

    Ornamental Gate


    Tonal Multi-Color

  • Owl



    Tonal Multi-Color

  • Roasted Coffee

    Roasted Coffee


    Tonal Multi-Color

  • Rocky Trail

    Rocky Trail


    Accent Multi-Color

  • Rodeo



    Tonal Multi-Color

  • Salt and Pepper

    Salt and Pepper


    Accent Multi-Color

  • Sea Floor

    Sea Floor


    Solid Color

  • Stucco



    Tonal Multi-Color

  • Weathered



    Accent Multi-Color


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    • Colors contained in this guide may vary from the actual colors of the products.
    • “Optional Upgrade Colors” may incur additional costs.
    • “Available Upgrade”, “Available Upgrade Option” and “Available Option” items may incur additional costs.
    • Products or models may change at any time, with or without notice, depending on availability from the manufacturer and/or vendor or Icon Legacy Custom Modular Homes’ decision to switch to a different product or model.
    • Icon Legacy Custom Modular Homes, LLC is not responsible for typographic or photographic errors contained in this guide.
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